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Buy coffee beans and raw cacao beans wholesale from a well grounded company with a long history in  trading agro products.  We are most focused on a long term beneficial partnership with you by accurately executing contracts and agreements. Being a wholesale supplier of high quality coffee and cocoa beans for chocolate makers, we source directly from the finest.



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    cocoa beans suppliers

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    We are a vibrant group renowned for finding the best coffee and cocoa beans for your needs as a bean to bar chocolate maker. We source directly from local farmers and families located in parts of Africa and South America.
    Our company has been trading numerous  agricultural commodities since 2008, so our 13 year experience has permited us to accumulate a huge chunk of experience and significant professional knowledge of the business sector.
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    wholesale bulk coffee beans & cocoa beans for sale


    buy cocoa beans wholesale

    Unable to find a reliable supplier of quality cocoa beans? You can now buy bulk cocoa beans, extra refined with removed admixtures and stones.  


    buy coffee beans wholesale

    By enabling you to buy coffee beans in bulk, we can bring the best coffee beans on the market, at a price you won’t believe.  Order a sample and try our quality beans,


    cacao beans for sale

    Buy cacao beans from an experienced supplier. We strive to maintain our reputation as a versatile, efficient and reliable supplier and seek to deliver only the best cocoa beans on the market.


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     All exported consignments are homogeneous and compliant with all the export contract criteria (fat content, fungus content,



    raw cocoa beans for sale

    Our cocoa beans for sale is traceable and meets the standards for responsible production. We are on a mission to provide quality cocoa and coffee beans at amazing value directly to the chocolate maker.


    buy coffee beans bulk

    We scour different parts of Africa to find the finest coffee beans, which are entirely picked and hand washed. We’re proud to supply purely organic wholesale bulk coffee beans.

    THE bean to bar maker and the roaster's ideal RESOURCE
    We take pride in serving and supplying roasters with top shelf cocoa beans from around the world. Our distinctive business has been built on how efficient we serve and supply cafés, roasters, chocolate makers through out the USA and Asia. We love to believe we are the bean-to-bar makers best friend. We aim for the highest standards and only supply the best with consistency.
    We are not only suppliers of high quality cocoa and coffee beans, but we are also advisors, and friends to clients who rely on us for their raw products.
    Prior to accepting a batch for shipment, we have numerous experts on our team to critic and rate the quality of all beans to determine if the taste, quality and overall profile is top shelf. Our group has the most sophisticated analysts when it comes to quality, and we never ever go below the standard. 


    At a1Cocoa, we pledge to passionately deliver the highest standards of integrity, service and selection; to never compromise quality or cut corners; to only make decisions that are in your best interest, and to be sensitive to your needs; to be highly responsive, reliable and forthcoming; and to do what we say we are going to do, without surprises and without excuses.




    Bought 5 different brands to do a side-by-side comparison for my company. These were my favorite. We most definitely will be sticking to these. Brings out the flavor makes them more chocolate tasting. It's also nice not to have to deal with some extra steps for these, plus they're pricing is greatt! Win-win
    cacao beans for sale
    George hughes
    We have tried a few companies, you guys are not the fastest but your products are good. Have had to wait up to 3 weeks to get an order about twice so I wouldn’t give a perfect. Haven't gotten a bad product yet, somethin I can't say the same for the other companies. Excellent customer service theres no denying that.
    buy bulk cocoa beans
    rosa HUDSON
    Since getting the initial response when we first contacted you guys, we also starting increasing our production capacity, as well as buying more beans. The response as a result of your supply has been amazing I must confess. We only wish we'd become a customer earlier, considering how good your products are.
    buy cocoa beans wholesale
    Mei zhen
    Hi Bronson, writing you today to say a huge thanks for the great services we have experienced with your company so far. Fruition chocolate Company is extremely satisfied with the raw material and services your company has provided to us over the years.
    coffee beans
    Cocoa from Ghana, in my experience, is relatively straight forward. It's rarely heavily earthy or challenging in any way. As a result underrating it can be a little bit of a challenge. You have to keep that in mind when ordering these. You might think this is not a chocolate bursting with flavor, but you will be surprised.
    Andrew spenders
    you guys always has a fresh and high quality product. I absolutely fell in love with your group from the first purchase and you have earned me as a lifetime customer. To the whole team, Dzekeneyuy, Bronson, keep doing what you guys are doing. You are making things better in ways you don’t understand! Thank you!
    buy cocoa beans from ghana
    Friedrich Hans

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    cocoa beans for sale
    buy coffee in bulk


    arabica coffee

    We supply the best Arabica coffee beans that is grown on coffee trees that haven taken longer to mature and cultivate, so we deliver better quality, larger, denser coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans are known as the better-tasting.specialty gourmet coffee and we can supply tons yearly.

    Trinitario cocoa

    Our Cocoa Variety Trinitario Is generally referred to as the World's best Cocoa Hybrid. Organic cocoa beans for sale Unique Flavoured Cocoa Beans. Send a request now about Cocoa and out experts will provide you with more information. Readily available. High quality. Large volumes. Better prices.

    robusta coffee

    We supply the best Robusta coffee beans wholesale from Africa and are considered one of the top wholesale coffee suppliers, best place to buy coffee beans. Buy coffee beans from a vibrant company with a long history in trading agro products.

    Forastero & Criollo cocoa

    a1Cocoa supplies organic fine flavour forastero and Criollo Cacao. A single variety premium cacao with extremely Low Cadmium and Lead levels. ... You want to buy small or big quantities of our Cacao? We ship only organic and quality for your chocolate needs.

    If You Like Our cocoa beans for sale , You’ll Love Our Logistics.

    When it comes to logistics, a reliable partner can be the difference between profits and losses. We take logistics seriously and go to extremes to get your beans on time. We have multiple warehouses across the country to make it convenient for you. Our team is constantly monitoring shipments, weather, and overall transportation schedules to keep you informed and fully supplied. We keep you stocked and stoked, not shocked and broke. In fact, if we can’t get you the beans you want from our own warehouses and suppliers, we’ll shop the world to get them from other warehouses and suppliers even if we make less money. You are our priority and we treat you like family whether it benefits us in the short-term or not.


    We offer discounted rates by pallet to most destinations. As a service to our valued clients, we will happily arrange shipping on your behalf. Please note that the purchaser is solely responsible for any and all shipping, freight and/or delivery charges related to the transport of coffee from our warehouses to your location. The final invoiced amount is subject to adjustment pending receipt of charges from the shipping company – this includes any and all charges and fees over and above the estimated shipping cost on your invoice. We will process said charges when they become due. Shippers will levy additional charges for all services above and beyond basic drop-off of goods, such as inside delivery, load-outs, or usage of a lift gate. In order to minimize the levying of unexpected charges from the carrier, any and all service requests should be clearly communicated to your trader at the time of order placement.”

    buy cocoa beans wholesale
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