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Started As a big Dream And A Huge Passion to make a difference

It all started as a big dream and a huge passion to make a difference amongst the lives of local producers, and thousands of tons later, we have become amongst the worlds top cocoa and coffee suppliers .

We try to brew the best relationships and the most smiles per transaction. With a wealth of experience from across the coffee industry, our talented group is ready to help you succeed. 

Our values are deeply rooted – respecting the bean, respecting the farmer, respecting the customer. That’s why we’re committed to visiting, studying and connecting with producers. We do this not only to experience their crops and techniques at the seed level but also to forge relationships that are rooted in an implicit understanding of our product expectations.

The value we deliver doesn’t end with product quality. a1Cocoa is just as committed to delivering exceptional quality in the service that supports your product investments as we are in the cocoa and coffees beans we deliver. Exceptional customer support is an integral part of your customer experience. When buying our products, you can feel confident that comprehensive customer support is on board from the very first moment we begin our relationship with you.

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we open a relationship 
buy cocoa beans wholesale

buy cocoa beans wholesale

good service is good business

Our company has changed the lives of  local farmers by plugging small holders to the cocoa industry worldwide, through meaningful market access and a goal of constantly delivering quality cocoa and coffee beans
We have been trading numerous  agricultural commodities since 2008, so our 13 year experience has permited us to accumulate a huge chunk of experience and significant professional knowledge of the business sector.
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arabica coffee

We supply the best Arabica coffee beans that is grown on coffee trees that haven taken longer to mature and cultivate, so we deliver better quality, larger, denser coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans are known as the better-tasting.specialty gourmet coffee and we can supply tons yearly.

Trinitario cocoa

Our Cocoa Variety Trinitario Is generally referred to as the World's best Cocoa Hybrid. buy cocoa beans wholesale. Unique Flavoured Cocoa Beans. Send a request now about Cocoa and out experts will provide you with more information. Readily available. High quality. Large volumes. Better prices.

robusta coffee

We supply the best Robusta coffee beans wholesale from Africa and are considered one of the top wholesale coffee suppliers, best place to buy coffee beans. Buy coffee beans from a vibrant company with a long history in trading agro products.

Forastero & Criollo cocoa

a1Cocoa supplies organic fine flavour forastero and Criollo Cacao. A single variety premium cacao with extremely Low Cadmium and Lead levels. ... You want to buy small or big quantities of our Cacao? We ship only organic and quality for your chocolate needs. check out the best coffee beans you can buy


We love our industry just like we love the products. For all of us in the industry, farmers, mills, vendors, traders, roasters, coffee shop owners, and everyone in between, we do it for passion. But we also recognize that our precious resource is the farms. Without them, the industry would collapse. It is becoming increasingly difficult for farms to make a profit, especially the larger farms. They face uphill battles with governments, weather, workers, disease, and the changing demands of importers and consumers. The large family-owned coffee plantations of the past are a dying breed. Family farms are not passed down to their children like they used to be, and sometimes they have to sell the land for other uses, divest, or compromise just to cope. We want to call more attention to this and help educate and support these farms so they may produce the quality required to command the prices they need to survive. Follow us on social media or visit our farm visits page to get updates on our journeys to different coffee farms around the world.

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The dedication to fulfill our customer’s needs. We take pride in being one of the best places where to buy cocoa beans wholesale

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