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buy coffee beans wholesale & raw cacao beans wholesale

We have no purchase minimums. We will sell anything from 1 bag to a full container load of coffee. Your order comes well packaged and we make sure there are no broken bags. We are known to be the best cocoa bean suppliers

Yes. Our experts in Logistics are the best when it comes to arranging shipments and getting the best possible discounts nationwide.

As a service to our valued clients, we will happily arrange shipping on your behalf.  Please note that the purchaser is solely responsible for any and all shipping, freight and/or delivery charges related to the transport of coffee from our warehouses to your location.  The final invoiced amount is subject to adjustment pending receipt of charges from the shipping company – this includes any and all charges and fees over and above the estimated shipping cost on your invoice.  We will process said charges when they become due.

Shippers will levy additional charges for all services above and beyond basic drop-off of goods, such as inside deliveryload-outs, or usage of a lift gate.  In order to minimize the levying of unexpected charges from the carrier, any and all service requests should be clearly communicated to your trader at the time of order placement.

We accept bank transfers, wire transfers, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

If you would like credit terms, please submit a completed credit application for review. Upon response from all references, we will advise you within 72 hours or less whether or not your Credit Application is approved.

If you place your order before the warehouse deadlines (see Logistics) then your order will be shipped out the next day. If you seek an exotic brand that may not be readily available on stock, we may need 2 to 3days before shipping.

Like other commodity, cocoa and coffee fluctuates in price due to many factors such as weather, political turmoil, supply and demand. Brokers sell against the replacement cost of coffee bought and sold, thus coffee prices rise and fall in line with this market. Most of our cocoa beans carry differentials – they are priced higher or lower than the “C” Market. Differentials are based on factors such as quality, availability, and demand. cocoa of exceptional quality and limited supply will always sell at a higher price than the “C” market.

arabica coffee

We supply the best Arabica coffee beans that is grown on coffee trees that haven taken longer to mature and cultivate, so we deliver better quality, larger, denser coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans are known as the better-tasting.specialty gourmet coffee and we can supply tons yearly.

Trinitario cocoa

Our Cocoa Variety Trinitario Is generally referred to as the World's best Cocoa Hybrid. Organic cocoa beans for sale Unique Flavoured Cocoa Beans. Send a request now about Cocoa and out experts will provide you with more information. Readily available. High quality. Large volumes. Better prices.

robusta coffee

We supply the best Robusta coffee beans wholesale from Africa and are considered one of the top wholesale coffee suppliers, best place to buy coffee beans. Buy coffee beans from a vibrant company with a long history in trading agro products.

Forastero & Criollo cocoa

a1Cocoa cocoa bean suppliers supply organic fine flavour forastero and Criollo Cacao. A single variety premium cacao with extremely Low Cadmium and Lead levels. ... You want to buy small or big quantities of our Cacao? We ship only organic and quality for your chocolate needs.

raw cacao beans wholesale
buy coffee beans wholesale


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